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Our company

The company FORNAX, spol. s. r. o., was established in 1990 and it has been divided into four plants:

  • - Production of mechanical rubber goods
  • - Production of sports goods
  • - Heating engineers and plumbers work

The prevailing activities of the company are, as follows:

In the range of rubber goods production, the company has won a prize ZLATÁ INTERGUMA 1994 (The Gold Inter-Rubber 1994) at the International Exhibition in Pchov. The price has been awarded for the test figurine destined for the Test Institute of Passive Safety.
- Production of mechanical rubber goods

GUMÁRNA - Veselská 1354, 696 62 Strážnice, ČR
tel./fax: +420 518 384 650
tel.: +420 518 387 020
mobile phone: +420 603 885 368, +420 603 885 389
e-mail: gumarna@fornax-sro.cz

- Poduction of sports goods

A large assortment of rucksacks, sports bags, paragliding harness, pantie belts for skiers, kidney-shaped bags, post-bags, purses, New products as to the customers wish, it is possible to print the products by screen-printing.