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Assortmen of mechanical rubber goods

We offer the production in the range of mechanical rubber goods:

- Pressing
- Manual rubberizing - wrapping
- Manufacture of pressmoulds
- Manufacture of forced-in pieces for silentblocks


The pressing is made by the traditional multistage presses 400 x 400 and 800 x 800. Pressing Pressing
The manufacturing programm includes:
- Rubber products
- Rubber-metal products
- Rubber-textile products

Silentblocks , rigid couplings, Belleville washers, sleeve and sliding springs, wheels, rollers, valves, discs, segments, diaphragms, sucking disc, stops, packings, tyre shields, impellers for gear pumps, spare parts for ZETOR, AVIA, silentsblocks for MULTICAR, potato and corn harvesters...

Special products

Finger belts for potato harvesters and belts for sorting machines, driving bands and belts � the special ones (e.g. for BATES the packing machine used in sugar factories), tyre shields for RENAULT cars, test figurines for testing the safety-belts, complete

figurine     figurine     figurine     figurine     figurine     figurine

manufacturing of pallets for driving wheels storage with the possibility to manufacture any pallets for car parts to be stored.

pallet   pallet   pallet   special   special

Rubberizing by manual wrapping

We can offer rubberizing of metal cores of cylinders, drawing drums, wheels, fittings, acid-resistent tanks, vessels, impellers of band saws, coach wheels... Rubberizing Rubberizing Rubberizing

The vulcanization drum, dia. 1000 mm and length 3300 mm, available.
Grinding of rubberized cylinder surface until dia. 350 mm.

Manufacture of pressmoulds

We can offer designs as well as manufacture of pressmoulds as to customer´s wish.
Bargain prices of pressmoulds and fast realization terms.

Used rubber mixtures

Mixtures for general usage, dynamic stress, foods as well as abrasive-resistant, oil-proof, heat-resistant, acid-resistant, silikon and polyuretan mixtures.
Black and colourful mixtures, hardness from 40 up to 100 Sh.

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